Citrus Squeezers

Mexican Elbow
The Mexican Elbow is designed to do the hard work for you, it will juice your lemons or limes quickly with the minimum fuss and is durable and easy to clean. 
A great piece of equipment worth its weight in gold in a busy bar. Many of our videos demonstrate its use each time the bartender makes cocktails requiring fresh lemon or lime juice

Lemon Squeezer
A simple device used to squeeze either lemon or lime slices or wedges. Made from stainless steel, apply gentle pressure and juice will come out handy pour spout.
This is a handy instrument for just squeezing the juice of a single slice of lemon before dropping fruit into the drink..

Excellent for squeezing juice from all citrus fruits including oranges and grapefruit. Particularly designed for quantity juice such as by the glass, rather than just the amount required for one or two cocktails.
Should be made of a substance such as stainless steel or hard plastic to take the pressure of hard squeezing. Ideal if it is made to fit in dish washer. Should be cleaned after each use.

Electric Juicer
Designed for the more industrial bars where a good quantity of juice is required. Many busy bars will use this machine before business begins and bottle the required juice for a service.
It is important that this juicer is kept away from water when in use as electricity does not react well if the elements are exposed. Machine should be properly demonstrated to first time users.

Usually breaks down into smaller pieces for cleaning and should be cleaned immediately after use. Do not put motor into dish washer.