Angel Strainer
The Angel Strainer is given its name by the wing like grips it has extending from its body. It is used in conjunction with your shakers, to hold ice back from entering your cocktail. Usually made from stainless steel, it has a spring which fits tight to the inside of the cone of your shaker or mixing glass allowing enough space between the lip of your vessel for the liquid to run smoothly, There are many types of strainers and they are mainly called after the more popular model "the Hawthorne", but most bartenders use the "Angel trainer which has wing type lugs that sit on top of the vessel being used and a finger hold on the surface to allow you to control the flow. However, if not used properly, the liquid will get trapped and spill out through the air holes and miss the glass.
Hawthorne Strainer  

An application for patient was drawn up by Mr William Write of Boston Massachusetts on 19th July 1892 for the design of this style of strainer and he ran a popular establishment called "The Hawthorne Cafe and Restaurant" at 24 Avery Street. It is designed to fit deep inside of the ice containing vessel making the flow of liquid faster and much more accurate when pouring into a glass. Today it has the name "Hawthorne" imprinted by perforated holes around the head.


Julep Strainer

To A Julep Strainer is used to strain drinks that have been stirred in a Boston style shaker. Held at a slight angle inside the tin to strain the drink it is the quickest and most efficient method to enhance the flow of liquid. It can also be used as an ice scoop as the perforated holes will drain any excess water held in the ice.


Loft Strainer 

A German strainer designed by Heinrich Fiedeler & Michael Raasch, it is a helpful addition for anyone who likes to mix their own cocktails. Used like any other external strainer, its spring will sit inside the shaker or mixing glass to prevent ice entering the cocktail. The stainless steel is easy to maintain and will not corrode with acidic substances, such as lemon juice.


Double Strain 

Some cocktail recipes require fruit or spices to be placed into the shaker, and therefore, it is important that seeds or pips are not allowed to strain into your drink). A fine strainer, similar to a tea strainer is used along with any other external strainer. This is also a useful method to stop any ice chips occurred during shaking getting into the drink.


Break Strain 

An impressive way to pour your drink into the glass without having to use an external strainer. However, it is not ideal for fine straining or creating a nice head on the drink, but an excellent way to complete your flair bartending routine. Many flair bartenders will use four or five shakers together, to pour into many glasses simultaneously.