Generic liqueurs are made by many famous companies who make liqueurs of similar or same name and flavour, mainly producing for colour and flavour and usually lower in alcoholic volume than proprietary brands. These would include crème liqueurs, curacao, triple sec, amaretto and sambuca, as well as the ones described bellow. However some companies produce a generic style of liqueur and give it a propriety name which allows it to stand out from the others. Proprietary brands are single name products for individual recognition exclusive to only one maker and tend to be of better quality and higher in alcoholic volume than standard generic liqueurs.  Some examples would be: Midori (melon), Cointreau (triple sec), Grand Marnier (orange), Drambuie (honey), Chambord (raspberry), Lena (banana) and Malibu (coconut).
Generic liqueurs play a very important part in the cocktail world because of colour and flavour and can usually keep the price to a more affordable level in lesser expensive venues. Some of the many great companies producing generic liqueurs are: Bols, (Holland) Marie Brizard, (France) De Kuyper, (Holland) Galliano, (Italy) Vok, ( Australia) Continental (Australia) and Baitz (Australia).

Melon liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 21% - 23% Alcohol
Melon liqueurs first became popular when Midori launched their product onto the world market  in 1978 as the "original melon liqueur". Since then many other companies have generically produced a melon liqueur which are globally popular in cocktails. Melon liqueurs are usually light emerald green in colour and based on the honeydew melon. It has a uniquely crisp and fruity finish.
Water Melon has a well balanced taste with a surprising, long finish. With its warm juicy red and slightly pink colour and its distinctive, mouth-watering fragrance.  
Cocktails made, using Melon Liqueur in this program:
Illusion, June Bug, Kryptonite and the Mellon Ball.

Vanilla Liqueur
ALC/VOL = 21% - 40% Alcohol
These liqueurs are mostly light golden in colour and based on a percolate of real Vanilla pods. However, there are other liqueurs such as Galliano and Parfait Amour, which use vanilla as a flavour ingredient .The Vanilla liqueurs have a rich vanilla flavour with citrus notes underpinned by chocolate and toast and the faintest almond-apricot taste of crushed apricot kernels. It also mixes wonderfully with virtually all oak barrel aged spirits, adding faint vanilla flavour with the current explosion in the use of fresh fruit and premium ingredients in cocktail bars.
Cocktails made, using Vanilla Liqueur in this program:
4 Calling Birds, Freddy Fudpucker, Galliano Hotshot, Golden Cadillac, Golden Dream, Harvey Wallbanger and the Yellowbird.

Honey Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 21% - 40% Alcohol
Honey is a delicious amber coloured liqueur with the real flavour of blossom honey underpinned by light floral notes and a hint of toffee. Following the example of some older classics such as Drambuie and Glava, many honey liqueurs still bring a malty sweetness to mixed drinks as an alternative to simple syrup. It matches with all spirit categories and is a versatile tool to add depth and character to both classics and unique creations.
Cocktails made, using Honey Liqueur in this program:
Rusty Nail.

Apple Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 17Alcohol
Apple liqueurs are generally sweet and full of flavour with the taste of fresh green apples.
Sour apple Liqueurs are underpinned by subtle flavours of woody cinnamon and cooking apple, all wrapped in a delicious balance of sweet and sour.

They can be drunk on their own or over ice, or mixed beautifully in cocktails.
Cocktails made, using Apple Liqueur in this program:
Apple Martini.

Orange Liqueur 
ALC/VOL = 17Alcohol
Orange liqueurs are flavoured with distillates of Curaçao orange peels and in most cases, a hint of rum. It will leave fine citrus on the palate, balanced by fruity sweetness for a dry and firm finish. Orange Liqueurs are amongst some of the oldest liqueurs that were introduced at the World Exhibition in Antwerp in 1885 when a journalist described them as: “Nectar of the gods.
Orange liqueurs tend to be categorized into two identities, triple sec and curacao. Triple sec is water clear in colour and will not influence the colour of cocktails, but still enhance the flavour, where as curacao can be orange, blue red or green, which will add colour as well as flavour. There is also "red orange", made with blood oranges, and a "dry orange" curacao. Three generic classics that have been marketed as proprietorial liqueurs are Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Mandarin Napoleon. Many chocolate liqueurs often contain orange liqueur for extra flavour which adds rich character and sophistication. Sabra Liqueur and Marie Brizard Chocolate Royal are classic examples.
Cocktails made, using Orange flavoured Liqueurs in this program:
B52 Shooter, Between the Sheets, Black Feather, Cable Car, Chaplin, Cosmopolitan, Creamsicle, Golden Dream, Ice Queen, Illusion, Kamikaze Cocktail, Kamikaze Shooter, Leap Year, Long Beach Iced, Tea, Long Island Iced Tea, Lucien Gaudin, Margarita, Martinez, New York Tiger, Pink Lady, Purple Haze, Purple Hooter Shooter, Red Devil, Sangria, Sidecar, Singapore Sling, Strawberry Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, White Lady and Zombie
Strawberry Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 17% - 23% Alcohol
Strawberry liqueurs are a rich, striking red colour, expressing a powerful but not over sweet strawberry flavour, edged with a slight citrus tang.
Cocktails made, using Strawberry Liqueur in this program:
4 Calling Birds, Purple Haze, Purple Hooter Shooter,  Gummy Bear Shooter and a Raspberry Truffle
Raspberry Liqueur 
ALC/VOL = 17% - 24% Alcohol
Raspberry liqueurs are a deep red liqueur made with real, natural flavour directly extracted from fresh raspberries and distilled.
Although raspberry liqueurs have been popular in the USA for quite some time, it is only recently that European and Australian bars began to stock them.
Cocktails made, using Raspberry Liqueur in this program:
4 Calling Birds, Purple Haze, Purple Hooter Shooter,  Gummy Bear Shooter and a
Raspberry Truffle

Banana Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 18% - 24% Alcohol
Mint liqueurs capture the tangy aroma and refreshing taste of the herb itself. The essential oil is crushed from the leaves and used to flavour the base spirit. Green crème de menthe is the most popular style, while the white version is very useful when preparing cocktails that require flavour but not the colour.
Cocktails made, using Banana Liqueur in this program:
Banana Daiquiri, June Bug and the Yellowbird.

Parfait Amour 
ALC/VOL = 18% - 30% Alcohol
Parfait Amour is a beautiful dark purple liqueur flavoured with flower petals (principally roses and violets) and vanilla, together with orange peel and almonds. The Parfait Amour liqueur flavour, which is similar to Crème de Violette and Crème Yvette is centuries old and perhaps the most complex of all liqueurs.
Cocktails made, using these products in this program:
Coconut Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 20% - 25% Alcohol
Coconut liqueur is based on tropical rum, usually from he Caribbean and caters perfectly for modern tastes. It is a very mixable ingredient.

These liqueurs have become globally successful since the 1970s, and used by professional bartenders to add depth of flavour to their Piña Coladas and other modern tropical drinks. Also delicious served long with pineapple juice or cola.
Cocktails made, using Coconut Liqueur in this program:
A Day at the Beach, Piña Colada,
June Bug, Kryptonite and Malibu Cranberry Smash

Cherry Liqueur

ALC/VOL = 18% - 40% Alcohol
Cherry Brandy is a deep red cherry liqueur using fresh cherries from Eastern Europe, where cherry brandy has long been a tradition. The cherry’s stone, its kernel, is crushed, giving the Brandy a faint amaretto flavour. .

The biggest selling Cherry Brandy drink is the Singapore Sling, invented in Raffles Hotel, in Singapore. Other cherry style liqueurs are Maraschino and Kirsch which are both clear in colour.
Cocktails made, using Cherry Brandy in this program:
Singapore Sling

Tea Liqueur 

ALC/VOL = 27.75% Alcohol
Green Tea Liqueur  is dark-green made using a complex, lengthy percolation of the best green tea leaves exclusively from Japan. Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, and is popular throughout Japan, China and Asia, being served as an accompaniment to sushi, dim sum and noodles.
Cocktails made, using Green Tea Liqueur in this program: