Brandy Styles
Serving Cognac
Serving cognac:- can be a ritual depending on the attitude of the consumer and may differ from pouring a straight shot over ice with a mix or delicately pouring a measure into a snifter style glass and caressing it in your hand until the brandy has reached body temperature. You may prefer to swallow in one gulp or sip on it for a lengthy time, enjoying the esters from the bouquet.
The former examples may relate to a younger VS style cognac, not yet matured but designed to be enjoyed inexpensively for what it is, where the latter examples relate to a more mature and sophisticated cognac, never taken with a mix. "Perish the thought".
A VSOP cognac and older, should be served in an appropriate brandy balloon or fluted wine glass designed to enhance the aromas, with recommended temperature around body heat, usually enjoyed with coffee after dinner.

Cognac Service

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