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Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey
It’s not recognised by the Jack Janiels company as to being a bourbon, it’s Whiskey. Tennessee “sippin” Whiskey. That’s what the folks over at Jack Daniel’s call the brand that made them famous, the world over.
Jack Daniel’s may not the best tasting whiskey to some people, not by a long shot. It is however the best selling American whiskey and ranked 8th in the world by volume sales. Lynchburg Tennessee, where JD is distilled, is a dry county. Till today, you cannot buy alcohol there. It goes back to the days of prohibition when the distillery (under the stewardship of Jack’s nephew, Lem Motlow) shut down production for 7 years.
Although it nearly bankrupted the company back then, Jack Daniel’s eventually survived. Today, the brand is synonymous with what America stands for..


Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

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