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Champagne Areas
Many wine producing areas in the world have tried to emulate the success of Champagne by producing quality sparkling wine, but only vines from this small region just north of Paris are able to make wine of inimitable finesse. This is possible because of the area’s geological composition and micro climate, the use of superior grape varieties and a special method of production. Whilst each of these factors occurs elsewhere, only in Champagne do they coincide to produce the unique wine. Traditionally, there are three types of grape (two red and one white) grown within the Champagne Area which make up the blend, Pinot Noir, Pinor Meunier and Chardonnay. and the Champagne region is divided into three major areas:
Montagne de Reims. Pinot noir vines are planted on the gentle slopes near Reims.
Vallée de Marne. 20 kilometres North West of Épernay, the vineyards lie on either side if the River Marne, with a rich mixture of chalk and clay soil which provides the ideal conditions for vines to produce pinot meunier grapes.
Côte des Blancs. This area south of the River Marne around the town of Épernay is principally devoted to growing chardonnay grapes.

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