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Liquor Trolley
When asked to describe a liquor trolley, it is quite simply! A trolley brought to the table at the end of a meal, with liqueurs, brandy, cigars, etc.  In the correct environment, the liquor trolley is a nice little money earner for the establishment and quite often a trolley jockey (waiter) will work for minimum wage plus a percentage of their sales from the Trolley.

The trolley is a small table-style cart on wheels which is taken from table to table in the restaurant prior to customers having coffee. Certain liqueurs, ports and spirits are on offer which contain digestive properties, and are offered after a meal as excellent accompaniments with coffee.

Timing is very important and a good jockey will arrive at the table with the trolley prior to the coffee being served so that the customer can enjoy their digestive along with the coffee whilst it is hot. It is important to take the trolley to the table and enquire if the customers requires the digestive, rather than asking the customer beforehand.

It is a proven fact that 9 out of 10 customers will refuse a digestive when asked whilst the waiter is clearing dessert from the table as apposed to the trolley being taken to the table where the customer can actually see what they are being offered. In the latter case, 9 out of 10 customers will accept the offer. (You work out the difference in generated income of both statistics).

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