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Navy Rum:
A tot of rum given to sailors on-board British Navy vessels. (more)
A term referring to liquor that is drunk undiluted by ice, water or mixers.
A term used for a wine bottle size, usually champagne. It is equivalent to 20 standard bottles and holds 15000 ml or 120 x 125 ml glasses. (more)
Term used for a drink before bed.
A term used for a normal measure of drink. In the US it can be a term for a quarter bottle.
Nip Measure:
Standard measure used for measuring spirits.
Nip Pourer:
Pourer with built in measure:
Noilly Prat:
The driest of all French Vermouths, sometimes referred to simply as "French"
Normandy Coffee:
A liqueur coffee made with Calvados, sugar and topped with cream.
Old Tom:

Refers to a slightly sweetened gin, originally produced in London, England. Excellent ingredient for a Tom Collins Cocktail. (more)
A beverage served over ice without adding water or other mixers.
Over Proof. Usually spirits are sold at 40% ALC/VOL = US 80% proof unless he laws of the country stipulate higher. Anything sold over these margins are recognised to be "over proof" (O.P.)
Optic Measure:
Translucent measure that measures drinks according to marks around the inside.
Optic Pourer:
Translucent fixture set on a wall or stand that automatically pours standard measures.
Orange Bitters:
a cocktail flavouring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamom, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar in an alcohol base. Angostura Orange Biters = 28.00% ALC/VOL. Fee Brothers Orange Bitters = 39.00% ALC/VOL. Gary Regan Orange Bitters = 45.00% ALC/VOL. (more)
Over Proof Rum:
are much higher than the standard 40% ABV [80 proof], with many as high as 75% [150 proof] to 80% [160 proof] available. One example is Bacardi 151. They are usually used in mixed drinks. (more)