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Pimms Cup
60ml Pimms
Top with lemonade
ginger ale

Perhaps England's most celebrated fruit punch. Pimms was marketed using six different basis; 1 Gin 2 Scotch Whisky 3 Brandy 4 Rum 5 Rye Whisky 6 Vodka, the most popular being 1 and 6. This beverage is enjoyed at most regal occasions, and in particular, Wimbledon. Generally topped up with lemonade but some people prefer ginger ale, however it also tastes superb by mixing half lemonade and half ginger ale. 
Pour Pimms into an ice filled tumbler style glass or silver tankard and top with lemonade, ginger ale or both.
Decorate/Garnish with fresh borage or mint, orange and lemon slices, cherry and rind of cucumber.
Serve with straws.

Pimms Cup

Thank you " Eben Freeman & Epicurious Cocktails"